The National reentry resource
center estimates the following
impact prison has on families.

* An estimated 809,800 prisoners of the
1,518,535 held in the nation’s prisons at
midyear 2007 were parents of children
under age 18.  Parents held in the  
nation’s prisons — 52 percent of state
inmates and 63 percent of federal
inmates — reported having an estimated
1,706,600 minor children, accounting
for 2.3 percent of the U.S. Resident
population under age 18.

* Since 1991,
the number of children
with a mother in prison has more than
doubled, up 131 percent
. The number of
children with a father in prison has
grown by 77 percent.

* Twenty-two percent of the children of
state inmates and 16 percent of the
children of federal inmates were age 4
or younger.   For both state (53 percent)
and federal (50 percent) inmates,
half their children were age 9 or


F.I.P. "Formally Incarcerated Persons"
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Ask and Attend Our
Prevention and PreTrial
Prison Support

"Providing solutions to help families
become healthy, whole
and stable"for the benefit of children.


    Healing Hearts of Families USA located in Dekalb County
    Georgia, provides solutions to families in the MSA, helping
    children live in homes and communities which are healthy,
    whole, stable and safe.  We provides services that address the
    elements which are in direct conflict with that mission.

    Our services target family issues of health including physical health, substance abuse
    and mental health affecting healthy home and community relationships for children.   
    We provide a 32 hour core program for reentry and family reunification which
    includes life skills, family domestic violence, parenting and employment skills, the
    program was developed by and is facilitated by qualified staff and formally
    incarcerated persons provide a unique view for success.
    We provide case management and mental health practitioners with our same hearts
    for supporting parents and children with their transitional emotional, SA and MH
    needs with a family impact from incarceration or domestic violence.  

    Re-Entry Supports

    2nd Saturday 12-2 pm Monthly-
    FIP Sessions for women who were incarcerated. Your successful reentry begins here a
    place where women begin to restore their lives, rebuild themselves,  their
    relationships with their children, family members and loved ones.  Help with
    employment and business development, housing stabilization. McAfee Road Call for
    other locations

    1st Tue Monthly 6:30 pm-8:30pm  
    FIP-ERC Formerly Incarcerated Persons Effective Reentry Collaborative
              Support and mentoring program for formerly incarcerated persons (Men and Women) who
need a heads up to being successful, held at 120 West Trinity Place, Suite 210, Decatur
Georgia 30030 Across from Dekalb County Court House in the Calloway Bldg.

    2nd and 4th Thur Monthly  6:30pm-8:30pm
    PIIC-Persons Impacted By Incarceration- A support and mentoring program by FIP
    offered in Atlanta at Atlanta Metropolitian College 6:30pm-8:30pm
    Women in Transition- A support program for women leaving a penal institution

    The (P.A.L.M.) Personal Assessment Life Management program is our core adult parenting
    training  program it has a pre and post trial phase for family stabilization.  

  • Phase 1- The pretrial program services are 8 hours of family stabilization services.
  • This phase begins when a parent is exposed to a legal issue which may lead to their
    incarceration, leaving the children in the home without a biological primary caregiver.  
  • It provides eight hours of services to families, and covers the family assessment, the
    law, expectations, communications " The conversation ", stress,  domestic violence,
    caregiver transitions, anger, responsibility the short route and stabilization planning.

  • Phase II- The  post trial  or reentry services provides 32 hours of reentry and
    reintegration life skill services for parents returning home.  This phase of the program
    provides tools for cognitive behavioral recognition, behavior modification, self
    improvement, responsibility, transition in and reassuming parental roles, life skills,
    communication, domestic violence prevention.

    HOUSING- REPREIVE BEDS- offered to individuals with criminal backgrounds who return to
    their families and find that the family acclimation is tougher than anticipated.  These beds
    offered is for seven and up to thirty day stays in safe housing where the FIP can have
    access to stable housing in the mist of diverting a family crisis without risk to his/her
    freedoms, they will contact the parole officer of the temporary location the officers will
    have access to visit at anytime, giving the family a chance to schedule counseling or time
    apart to make new living plans until a later date for the family reunification.
    Sliding fee associated with these beds.

                            FOR REENTRY SUPPORT (404-289-5277 Info)

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