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    “If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”― John E. Lewis  
    “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies...but the silence of our friends. - Martin Luther King, Jr.”

    Legal and basic rights advocacy involves the person affected getting involved in
    helping themselves for fair treatments.  To live healthy, whole and stable
    avioiding unjust and inhumane treatment of people faced with barriers to
    stabilization due to law enforcement encounters or the courts.

    Today, so many families are impacted by criminal and civil barriers to having sustainable
    homes for themselves and their children. Children can not live in those environments when
    their parents are being targeted with fines, incarceration and are being killed by community
    members and police.  Our case management will provide guidance to proper legal

    The loss from a being a victim of a crime is mental, emotional and financially draining on a
    family resources.  Victims are people who are targets by anyone that takes something from
    them tangible or their personal liberties. Our legal advocacy program supports these
    families helping them to gain access services to protect their civil and legal rights as

    Generational poverty is closely tied to incarceration, fines and denial of liberties contribute
    to poverty.  While we cannot take on all of the issues dealing with family instability we can,  
    offer several supports and referrals to individuals and family members.

    Our legal advocacy services includes services related to barriers created and as a result,
    destabilizes families and drain families financial ability to sustain themselves.  We support
    individuals and families with advocacy for solutions related to:

  • Justice Issues
  • Referral and Support of Civil Rights
  • Mental Health Referrals
  • Evictions / Housing
  • Unfair Debt Collections and Credit Practices
  • Job Related Barriers
  • Education
  • Criminal Records
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Helping Families Gain
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crisis due to Incarceration,
domestic violence, job
loss, evictions.

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