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    Attorney Name:    Lee Sexton (2-15-2009)


    City, State:            Stockbridge, GA

    Contact Georgia Bar: Yes  

    What happened:
    They (Georgia Bar) unreasonably refused to take jurisdiction or investigate to
    learn the truth regarding my complaint after Atty. Sexton responded with a
    bunch of outright lies which could have been proven false.

    Client Experience Post = My family paid Atty. Lee Sexton $25,000.00 up
    front to provide me with full legal representation including a jury trial regarding
    a criminal case. After Atty. Sexton received payment he lied to me and failed to
    provide the quality and quantity of legal representation that he promised.
    Because of Atty. Sextons poor performance, within 40 days I had to hire
    another attorney for a bond hearing, and 6 days later I had to fire Atty. Sexton
    from my case in open court because he failed to adequately investigate or
    present critical facts and witnesses which were in my best interest to be on
    record and known by the court.  In short Atty. Sexton was on my case for only
    48 days and did little to nothing, but he refused to refund the unearned legal
    fees that were paid to him in advance. This is clearly unethical and a direct
    violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Georgia and
    the American Bar Association. If by chance Atty. Sexton read!, or becomes
    aware of this post, I challenge him publicly to justify a fee of $25,000.00 for the
    little work he did on my case and not completing the agreed upon

    I want the world to know ...Do not hire this attorney...
                                                      LEE SEXTON
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