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Divas Mentoring Program

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    Diva's Don't Do That is a one year mentoring program for girls
    teaching them empowering skills to negate making harmful
    decisions related to domestic violence, health and other decisions
    which could cause long term negative consequences.

    Click here to see the DIVAS Don't Do That! Program

    We need 21 Exceptional  Professional or concerned Women as Mentors,
    7- Volunteer Facilitators Professionals,
    7-Faith Organization Volunteers,
    7- Community Volunteers
    You can volunteer to provide in school facilitated group mentoring  
    1-2 times a week (6 or 12Weeks sessions) after which girls are matched
    with the mentors one on one..

    SIGN UP as Facilitators or as a Mentor for girls
    Limited to 20 Girls
    from each age group
    9-11, 12-14,15-17
    (1) Class a Month in Community Saturday a month class (1) Mentor Activity,
    Learn what it means to be a DIVA!
    SIGN UP NOW  Email: diva@healingheartsusa.org

    Help us provide the resources for our mentors to give the children opportunities to go to the
    movies,museums, carnivals, plays and other events
    Did you know the average mentor invests
    $20 per two hour session driving  spending
    time and money from their own pockets to
    provide companion and spending time
    with our at risk children.  Will you help them too.

      If you don't have the time                                   SPONSOR A MENTORING
then will you give?                                              PROGRAM NOW DONATE

Our program cost $9,740 per school to implement