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     About Us:
    Healing Hearts of Families was organized in 2001,we received our permanent tax exempt 501 ( c) 3 non-profit
    status in 2005 and have served families in Georgia and Florida.  

          To provide solutions to help children live in families  that are whole, healthy and stable.

The first five years of services, we provided housing referrals and support
services to domestic violence women survivors and their children because
we saw the need to help these parents see the trauma and we helped these
children to live in violent free homes.  We believe that accepting violence in
the home breeds violence in the communities, accepting disrespect in the
homes breeds the same in the communities. Lack of good relationship
examples in the homes leave a gap for valuing good or desired
relationships in their futures.

To deal with the children we also had to embrace not only the mothers but
also the mother and father relationships.  We had to look at the impact that
relationship have on the stability of the children.  We also looked into the
family environments and saw that the adults were creating environments
and accepting that one or the other was going to jail or prison behind
domestic violence or other crimes leaving the children in emotional limbo
and detached.  

We also believe the acceptance of adults going to prison is the reason
children thik that it is OK for them to go.  Going to prison by either family
member burdens the finances needed to suppot the families and creates a
cycle for generational poverty, and a decline in self esteem and family

So we decided it is imperative we help mothers understand the choices and
types of relationships they have and the impact those relationships will have
on the success or failure of the children in their families. We added
domestic violence classes for men to help fathers see their responsibility to
their children with a focus on men returning to homes where children reside
after they are released from institutions. Giving them parenting transitional
skills to support the mental, physical and emotional needs of the children
when they return to the children lives.
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    Went to college for fashion design
    but was steered in a direction which
    would color more than the outside of
    people and was led to start this
    organization after a series of life
    events changed her direction.  She
    is also the current Director.  Ms.
    Lacy comes with over fourteen
    years of business experience
    contracting to design and evaluate
    intervention programs for the
    government.   .

    Our Case Managers have degrees
    in Social Services and Criminal
    Justice fields with over five years
    experience in their disciplines
    providing services to low income

    Our volunteer staff consists of a
    miliarty veteran, a certified school
    teacher, a retired government
    administrator, and certified
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