About Us

    Healing Hearts was organized in 2001 and we received our permanent non-profit
    501 c 3 status in 2005.  The founder started this organization when she was dealing
    and people she knew were dealing with issues relating to divorce, domestic
    violence, grief, incarceration and children\s need to feel emotionally stable during  
    transitions, destabilization and crisis.  

OUR MISSION: To have every child in a home and communities which are healthy, whole
                 and stable.


    Healing Hearts of Families USA Ministries helps struggling parents mostly moms and their

    Our organization has one full time person daily
    and four volunteers providing services weekly.  
    The organization is funded solely with

    The founder of the organization  started the
    organization when she noticed a gap in how
    services were being provided to domestic
    violence female parents and women who
    became incarcerated.  She noticed the effects
    both situations  had long term on the ability of
    children to bond with their parents and with
    their relationships,   She also  noticed that few
    people were willing to step in and pull the
    children out into more stable situations, when
    these women were sometimes to weak to
    reach out.  She organized Healing Hearts of
    Families to help these children and their
    mothers in need.  

    We welcome volunteers wanting to help us in  
    redirect the life of a youth or adult. We list our
    volunteer opportunities in the United Way
    Database, Volunteer Match and Mentor.org.

    If your company has a group of adults wanting
    to volunteer teach a job specific skill or talk
    about career, business or educational
    opportunities for specific jobs or business, we
    welcome them to volunteer

    We need volunteers from 4pm-7pm Mon-Fri or
    9am-11am Mon and Tue from a willing to take
    a small group of youth and mentor them for
    four hours monthly please contact us.  The
    activities may be one hour a week, 2 hours bi-
    weekly or one four hour monthly block.
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    Our Director and founder has over fourteen
    years designing and evaluating  intervention
    programs for youth and eight  years providing
    services to public housing agencies.

    Our Senior Case Manager has a Criminal
    Justice degree and a heart of gold for serving

    Our Discipline Instructor has served in the
    United States Marines and still serves the
    community helping children understand their
    proud heritages and the necessity for discipline
    to succeed in life..

    Our Programs Coordinator, is a certified heart
    mending technique for teaching parents how to
    build resiliency skills, parental love impact and
    discipline and communication skills during
    transitions in life.

    Our Intake Administrator is retired and brings all
    the skills needed to calm a raging sea.

    Our Grief Counselor a domestic violence survifor
    walks with you, talks with you and empowers
    people greiving which stagnants them and
    walks them through that transition.

Ph: 404-289-5277